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Vertical Sealless Metallic Pump

With the year of experience, we are involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide assortment of Vertical Sealless metallic Pumps. These Vertical Sealless Pumps are highly durable in nature.

The Vertical seal-less Metallic Pumps works in similar with any other Centrifugal Pumps. The associated problems viz : failure of Mechanical Seal and Gland Packing, generally encountered in the Horizontal pumps are completely eliminated here. The excess liquid passing through the annular gap between the Impeller and the Upper Rotor Casing is collected in the Over Flow Chamber. The auxiliary thrower prevents the leakage from going further up, pushes the liquid to the Over Flow Chamber and then collected back in the suction tank. An ideal Pump for any applications where a suitable installation can be adopted.



  • High demand
  • Quality tested
  • Effective


  • Can run dry
  • No mechanical seal or gland packing. Hence zero leakage
  • Absence of bearing housing eliminates alignment problems
  • No floor area required and occupies least space
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ideal for slurries and corrosive liquids

Material Of Construction Offered:

  • SS 316
  • Alloy-20
  • Haste Alloy-C

Vertical Sealless non-metallic Pump

Polypropylene Immersible Pumps are fully immersed in the liquid and meant for continuous operation. The extended shaft, encased in a Polypropylene tube, is connected to the Impeller at the other end. All the wet parts are made out of Polypropylene and eliminates corrosion. The overflow is allowed to pass through the annular space between the shaft and the column pipe. The auxiliary impeller provided at the top ensures the liquid does not travel towards the motor side. The excess liquid is allowed to flow back to the tank through the drain holes provided in the column Pipe.



  • The pump is totally made of PP and hence assures a greater degree of corrosion resistance
  • The unit does not have either a gland packing or mechanical seal and hence it is maintenance free
  • The pump can run dry
  • Shaft is not in contact with pumping medium, so shaft corrosion is eliminated
  • No bearing on pump side


  • Plating industries
  • Scrubber systems
  • Transfer of acids
  • Recirculation process
  • Water treatment plants
  • Process applications
  • Effluent treatment plants

Monoblock Pumps:

  • Polypropylene
  • PTFE